[SR] Shadowrun Licence to Move from WizKids to InMediaRes 

InMediaRes Productions LLC. enters negotiations for the Classic Battletech and Shadowrun licenses from WizKids Inc. @ FanPro

 Shadowrun, Battletech の版権が WizKids から InMediaRes Productions に移る交渉がなされている、という話。詳しくは元記事を読んで下さい。

 これに関して、今年の一月に Ryan dancey による今年の業界予想の話を[RPG] Ryan Dancey predicts 2007 Gaming Industryと紹介記事を書いた訳ですが、原文を引用すると、

E) WizKids will make a graceful, if forced, departure from the hobby gaming market, seeking to mainstream their offerings, and migrate the bulk of their sales into the mass market channel. They will fight the good fight for most of 2007, but by GenCon Indy they’ll have had an internal change of heart regarding their current strong focus on the hobby channel, and will be re-aligning themselves as a primarily mass-driven producer which will be reflected in their actions in the 4th quarter. Signs of this shift will be the cancellation of most of WizKid’s lines that can’t earn sales at mass, like Horror Clix, and the cancellation of retailer support programs. They’ll still have core market sales, but those sales will be incidental to their revised plans, not central to them.

 WizKidsの主力はHeroClixだと言われても不思議は無い訳で、BattleCorpsをやっているInMediaRes Productionsへの売却というのは、Shadowrunを大切にするという意味では概ね良い方向に向かう、一方でサプリメントを出し続ける体力があるかについては今後も注目して行きたい、という感じなのではないだろうか。

 しかし、Dragon, Dungeonsの休刊の話といい、業界再編成の時期なんですかねぇ。

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