[ArM] Questionnaires from Line Developer 

2007/11/18配送のArs-magica Digest, Vol 3, Issue 44より。

 Ars Magica Mailing Listでは時々、与党(Line DeveloperであるDavid Chartとか、ArM5版のライターたちっぽい)と野党(ArM4版のライターだったMichael de Verteuilとか)とでフレームするんですが、今回も派手にしています。適度に要約して紹介しなくてはと思うのですが、分量が多過ぎてほとんど手が付いてない状態。

 で、一連の議論(そのうち書くつもり)の最中で、David Chartが、「じゃあみんながどんな物が欲しいんだ?」とアンケートを始めました。
 なお、一般的TRPGについての意見と、Ars Magica製品ラインについての意見と、区別が付く様に書いて下さい。後者しか送らないので。

"Define" means "say that something is objectively true in the fiction of the game"; it means an omniscient statement by the designers, not a report of a possibly unreliable belief held by characters in the game world.



1) Do you think that the published books should constrain the setting?

2) Do you think that published books should define:

a) The names of the Founders of the Order.
b) The names of the current Primi.
c) The name of the king of France.
d) The personalities of the Founders
e) The personalities of the current Primi.
f) The personality of the king of France.
g) The legal structure of the Order.
h) The legal structure of France.
i) The dates of the Schism War.
j) The main events of the Schism War.
k) Who was right in the Schism War.
l) The philosophies of every House.
m) The beliefs of the Church.
n) The metaphysical truth about the nature of Magic.
o) The metaphysical truth about the nature of the Divine.
p) The population of London, to the nearest 1,000.
q) The name of the bishop of London.
r) The name of the mayor of London.
s) The names of the major aldermen of London.
t) The number of magi in the Stonehenge tribunal, to the nearest 10.
u) The name of the Praeco of Stonehenge.
v) The name of the presiding Quaesitor of Stonehenge.
w) The major covenants of Stonehenge.
x) The names of the major magi of Stonehenge.


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