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 SR4 では PC は Lifestyle を1つしか持てないというルールが導入され、また Safehouse が 500 nuyen/day というルールになりました。
 SR3 までは PC は非常時に備えて複数の Lifestyle を持つ事が推奨されていた(SR3 page 46 "It is possible for a character to purchase more than one lifestyle at a time, and may even be smart to do so. The additional lifestyles would represent the investment the character has made into creating and sustaining safehouses, private storage spaces and so on.")ので、このルール変更は私は不思議に思ったし、Dumpshock Forum でも専用スレが立つのも不思議は無い。
 Forum の投稿でも「昔と同じ様に Lifestyle を複数持てばいいじゃん」という意見は少なからず出ていました。

 で、この件に関して Fanpro より公式回答が出た模様です (May 9 2006 の投稿)。

Can you elaborate on SR4's philosophy regarding safehouses and lifestyles? In particular, I'm concerned that since multiple lifestyles can no longer be purchased and safehouses cost 500\ a day each (15000\ a month) that the developers need to step in and clarify if the safehouse cost is a typo or if there is some larger reasoning in place.

We took out multiple lifestyles because they didn't make much sense -- a lifestyle includes multiple factors from daily food costs to transportation costs to utilities. Those may all apply to your standard day-to-day "lifestyle", but it's excessive to pay all of those costs again just to have a secret apartment you occasionally stash your gear in. We wanted to keep it simple, however, so we rules out a tiered cost for extra lifestyles. It just made more sense to only have one and pay for extras.

As to the safehouse per day cost -- that's meant to be more for renting a safehouse from a fixer as a service. Safehouses need to be clean and secret and maintained, even when no one is using them, and the fixer still needs to make a profit. Safehouses are, of course, going to vary drastically in quality -- from squats with no electricity to quiet suburban bungalows with a decent security system. So a GM should, of course, vary the price to fit the situation.

If a character wants a long-term safehouse on their own, the best way to handle that is via roleplaying. The needs and demands will vary quite a bit, so the GM is just going to have to wing the costs based on real-life experience. A crappy garage rented out to stash a van may only run a rigger 30 nuyen a month, but someone who wants a nondescript place in a good neighborhood rented under a fake name with secret entrances, good security, sound-proofed walls, and stocked food supplies will be paying a lot more, and will have to put more effort into putting it together.

This isn't to say a GM can't let a character start out with a safehouse at character generation -- but the details and costs should be negotiated.

:: Rob Boyle ::
Shadowrun Developer for FanPro LLC

 という訳で、PC たちが長期にわたって自前で Safehouse を維持したいならば、GM と相談した上で維持して良し、ということらしい。

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