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Mongoose Publishing is releasing a new version of the RuneQuest RPG next year - and we would like your input!

If you wish to be involved in the game's design and balancing, please drop me a line at spare@mongoosepublishing.com, letting me know a) what it is about the previous editions you most liked and b) what you would like to see in the new edition. From these we'll pick the gamers who are obviously avid RuneQuest fans and ask them to join us for design comments and playtesting.



 ところでですね、Mongoose Year in Preview @ OgreCave.comという2004/2/6の記事に、
Yes, there is another one :) I won't dwell on this, except to say it is based on an old but _very_ popular RPG licence and any guessing games will be resolved very soon. Moving on. . .

I'm pretty positive the "new license" is Runequest.
Its one of the few old-school games out there that hasn't seen a resurrection yet.


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