[d20] The Black Company Campaign Setting 

The Black Company Campaign Setting @ Tale of the Dragon's Tail

 Green Roninのキャンペーンセッティングについてのレヴュー。

 Developer's Journal @ Green Roninの、Blood, Grit, and Ravensの下記の記述とか読むと、大変にクールだと思うのですね。

Another critical area was combat. When Croaker and Raven ambushed the Limper and Whisper in the Forest of Cloud, essentially two ordinary men sprang up out of the bushes and rained blunted arrows on two of the most powerful wizards in the world. Two ordinary men did this. In d20 terms, it would be like two 5th level characters dropping two 40th level characters. It just can't happen in d20. Combat, or at least how hit points worked, had to change.


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